Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Hide, Lock, Take?
Hide your things, Lock your car, Take your keys is a proactive crime prevention program that was created between the Texas Auto Burglary & Theft Prevention Authority and the Central Business District (Dallas). In 2004, the City of Dallas enacted an ordinance requiring the posting of Hide, Lock, Take for every parking lot with 100 or more spaces. The original founders of the Lock Take and Hide, now Hide Lock Take, have helped in creating and the promotional program that travels throughout the country. Hide Lock Take and is proud to say that we have stayed true and in contact with all of those who helped start and promote this wonderful campaign. This is what makes our company the official and most trusted producer and promoter of the Lock Take and Hide and Hide Lock Take awareness signs.
What are the dimensions of the signs?
The standard HLT and LTH signs are the regulation parking lot size of 12 inches wide by 18 inches tall
Are the signs pre-drilled or have mounting holes?
No, because of the variations in mounting options we do not pre-drill our signs. We offer suggestions under each sign description as to how you may go about mounting these signs. If you choose not to use brackets we suggest self tapping/drilling metal screws on poles or metal surfaces. On other flat surfaces we suggest using a strong outside grade double tape for temporary bond in addition to outdoor grade weatherproof silicone caulking for permanent bond. If you do want to purchase brackets or straps you will need to drill holes in the sign.
Are there any quantity breaks?
Yes, we offer pricing discounts when you purchase the quantities listed: 50-99, 100-199, and 200+ these prices are based per sign. You receive free customization when you purchase 50 signs or more.
Where can I find the Dallas ordinance?
Dallas City Code – Section 31 – Chapters 31-41 Link
How can police departments purchase these signs?
Many police departments will contact local insurance agencies or insurance councils of their state and request grants. They will then sell or give away the signs to local businesses and properties. Others choose to purchase the signs at quantity and utilize the free customization with their city badge and name at the sign bottom and then sell the signs.
Can we custom order signs with our City or Police Department logos?
Certainly. That is a large portion of our business. Just fill out the CONTACT US form and we’ll call you within 24 hours.
What if we are tax exempt?
Many of our customers are tax exempt, however, we cannot offer a tax exempt button on our online store. Just go to our Contact Us page and send us a message including your company name, shipping address, the style of signs, and the amount of signs and we will send you an invoice through email.
How can I get HLT to start in my city?
This is an extremely common question. Most cities have a Crime Prevention department and some have a more specific Auto Theft Task Force. These are the departments that work very close with the Hide Lock Take program and can help in getting the program enforced or placed into city code. If you are an individual looking to make a difference at a location we recommend purchasing signs straight from the order page and placing them in your lots and notifying the departments above in your city of the success it is having.
Can I make HLT signs or have my local sign shop make them?
Prior to 2012 Hide Lock Take signs and materials could be made or purchased many different ways. Due to the changing of art and purpose of the program we felt the need to protect the integrity and original creation. Now, all contents of this website as well as the products and services sold by Hide Lock Take are protected by copyrights and trademarks. This allows us to monitor those we deem as acceptable vendors to keep the message original and effective. All of our company profits are used towards the advancement of the program such as new awareness campaigns, conventions and trade shows, public speaking, promotional items, giveaways, community outreach and education, and much more. This is important to us and to the programs longevity and sole purpose which is why every dollar will go a long way and benefit the greater good towards the fight against auto theft.
Can we promote the awareness without having signs up?
Yes, we love to see cities and businesses taking a stand and helping fight auto theft with awareness! We have a downloadable flyer on our homepage as well as promotional materials that you can purchase. These materials are great for events or trade shows. You can contact us through email, phone or by mail if you are in need of promotional materials and we can provide our low pricing information.
Is it Hide, Lock, Take or Take, Lock, Hide?
While the original Dallas ordinance refers to the program as Lock, Take, Hide, the Texas Auto Burglary & Theft Prevention Authority changed the wording they use to better represent the order in which you leave your vehicle when you Hide your things, Lock your car, and Take your keys.
Are HLT signs available in Spanish?
Absolutely. You can purchase either or both with your order.
How long until my order ships?
Most internet orders ship the next business day and may take up to 5 business days to reach destination. Orders of lower quantity will often ship via USPS out of Dallas area. All other orders of 100 or more will be shipped freight and tracking information will be provided upon shipment.
Why are there two different Hide Lock Take designs?
The original red, yellow and black sign design has been around since 2004. In 2010, the Texas Auto Burglary & Theft Prevention Authority decided to update the look of the signs with the new black, red and white artword. Many people, especially in Dallas, still request and are required to have the original sign so we offer both.
Who is is the official company built solely around providing Hide Lock Take signs, educational materials and related merchandise. We have personally worked with the HLT program since its inception and simply saw the opportunity to offer companies and municipalities a single source for HLT signs and merchandise. Hide Lock Take is copyright protected, reproduction and use of the name and/or design is prohibited without consent of Hide Lock Take. If you have questions regarding reproduction or usage of the program please contact us.

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